The Dangers of Silica Dust in the Construction Industry

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Auto Extract Systems are specialist installers of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) equipment and work in a variety of sectors and can provide solutions for the vehicle exhaust, laboratory and construction industry. In this blog, we’ve focused on the dangers of silica dust in the construction industry and how regular, unprotected exposure to silica dust can […]

The Top 5 Workplace Related Illness Facts

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At Auto Extract Systems, we’ve compiled the top 5 workplace related illness facts that workers are subjected to in their workplace and what they subsequently suffer from. WORKERS’ EXPOSURE Workers’ have little control over the quality of the air they breathe in whilst in their workplace and are protected by the HSE’s ‘Control of Substances […]

GUIDE: Achieving Pharmaceutical Dust Control

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Achieving pharmaceutical dust control during the manufacturing processes of various vitamins and drugs have the potential to create a number of harmful and potentially dangerous dusts; and this can have a detrimental effect on employees. Pharmaceutical dust control presents a challenge to employers on how to safely capture and remove fine particles (from the working […]