Do I need to Install an LEV System in my Workplace?

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At Auto Extract Systems, we regularly get asked if clients need an LEV system installing and ask our clients if the business’s operation processes generate dusts or fumes that could be deemed hazardous to human health? It is your company’s legal responsibility to protect employees and the environment. Legal responsibilities include: providing extraction equipment to control […]

Auto Extract Systems Supports HSE’s Go Home Healthy Campaign

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At Auto Extract Systems, we’re proud to support the HSE’s Go Home Healthy initiative. The Go Home Healthy campaign has been portrayed as an ‘umbrella’ campaign to give specific guidance and information on the HSE’s three priority areas; occupational lung disease, MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) and work-related stress. We in-particularly support the element of the campaign aimed […]

Auto Extract Systems Help Staff at Dynacast Keep Their Cool

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Auto Extract Systems have recently completed a bespoke and industry innovating ‘wrap-around’ installation project for a Powys-based manufacturer, Dynacast, to help keep their staff cool whilst working on 500oC metal die-casting machines. The problem was simple, Dynacast needed to improve their air quality and manage temperatures on the factory’s shop floor. Having previously had ineffective […]