Occupational Asthma: Do you Complete Health Surveillance Assessments?

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HSE conducted a series of telephone interviews to assess what percentage of companies carry out health surveillance assessments. From the research, HSE found that from 457 organisations that participated in the research, 67% reported they actively carried out health surveillance assessments. Furthermore, of those organisations which declared processes that involve exposure to asthmagens only 19% […]

Avoid being Fined: Be Legally Compliant for Welding Fume Exposure

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Last week, HSE released a press release where a fabrication company were taken to court and heavily fined after failing to act upon three improvement notices, read the full article here. Avoid the risk of being fined and ensure you’re legally compliant when controlling welding fume exposure in your workplace. Avoid being fined and be […]

Welding Fume: The HSE Release Revised Guidance

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Earlier in November 2019, the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) released revised task-specific COSHH guidance for welding, cutting and allied jobs to help managers make sure that exposure to all kinds of welding fume is controlled in the workplace. You can find the full range of revised COSHH guidance here.  Specifically, in the ‘WL3 – […]