Push / Pull Systems

Push/Pull System

The push/pull system is a method of general filtration designed to prevent accumulation of fumes within a workshop.

These systems consist of ductwork provided with grilles and either a single fan and filter unit or two fans and two filter units. The ductwork is installed at the height of the welding fume layer (typically 4-6 metres). In this way the welding zone is ‘enclosed’ by the ductwork.

At one side of the ductwork the air is extracted (pulled) by the grilles, filtered and blown out (push) through the fan by way of the grilles of the outlet duct. In this way a continuous air circulation is generated. The welding fumes are constantly extracted, cleaned and re-admitted into the work space enabling the background concentration of welding fume in the facility to stay below the legally prescribed level. A push/pull system can be installed as a U system or as a parallel system. Benefits to this type of system are clearing large volume open areas of work space where ‘at source’ solutions either are uneconomical or difficult to achieve.

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