Sliding Trolley Rails

Sliding Trolley Rails

Auto Extract Systems Ltd’s sliding trolley rails system incorporate a trolley that moves within an aluminium extruded rail to provide a movable extraction system.

The trolley is directly coupled to the exhaust pipe on the emergency vehicle via a suitably sized hose and grabber nozzle. This nozzle is secured to the exhaust via compressed air fed from a compressor via the rail and travelling hose assembly.

As the emergency vehicle starts up exhaust emissions are detected by pressure sensors mounted within the rail, this in turn activates the extraction fan to run via a control panel for as long as it can sense exhaust gas flow and for 30 seconds after it has finished sensing flow. When the vehicle then starts to drive off through the bay it eventually gets to a dedicated position at high level where a simple air release switch automatically deflates the grabber nozzle and releases the nozzle from the vehicle. These rails would be utilised in conjunction with one of our extraction fans to vent exhaust extraction fumes to atmosphere.

To find out more about sliding trolley rails and how we can help you find the right local exhaust ventilation (LEV) system for you and your business, head over to our blog. To arrange a free, no-obligation quote please call us on +44 (0)1942 267444 or complete the contact form below. Individual examples of our extraction systems can be found in the links below. Alternative types of vehicle exhaust extraction systems are shown below.

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