Turnkey Installation Service

From your initial enquiry, to project sign off, Auto Extract Systems will project manage your extraction system installation. We can manage your extraction equipment installation through our turnkey installation service.

Step 1: System Design

We are the UK’s leading dust and fume extraction company and specialise in the design and installation of extraction equipment. We provide extraction solutions for vehicle exhausts, welding dust and fume, grinding dust, process fume, body shop dust and woodworking dust extraction systems throughout the UK & Ireland.

One of our experienced sales engineers will create a system design plan, following your free site survey, where we will assess your business’ extraction needs. This detailed plan will then passed back to you, along with a quotation, to ensure the system meets your business’ extraction requirements.

Step 2: Commissioning

Upon the completion of the electrical works, we will commission the extraction system. We will complete quality checks and take readings to ensure the LEV system functions as per requirements.

On multiple hose extraction systems (or where applicable), our team of dedicated installation engineers will balance and regulate systems to ensure an equal air flow is measured at various locations.

Step 3: Installation

As part of our turnkey installation service, we will manage all miscellaneous installation requirements to get your extraction system operational.