Smoke Clearance Testing

At Auto Extract Systems, we offer smoke clearance testing services that can be tailored to your business’ requirements, ensuring that any local exhaust ventilation (LEV) system is capable of clearing smoke in a reasonable time.

The HSE state that to thoroughly complete the smoke clearance test:

“The spray booth or room should be empty when measuring the clearance time. This is because the volume of the car will effectively reduce the volume of a booth or room and give a lower clearance time. In addition, the smoke generated is made of a glycol aerosol and may leave a greasy deposit on any vehicle or body part in the booth or room.”

It is recommended that a clearance time test should also be included in the 12 to 14-month COSHH test and thorough maintenance examination of the booth or room; however, more frequent testing may be required if the extraction equipment has a high usage.