Maintenance Contracts

Auto Extract Systems offer maintenance contracts and comprehensive planned maintenance service programmes for all local extraction ventilation (LEV) equipment, through the use of our in-house service dedicated inspection engineers.

Maintenance contracts (biannual or annual services)

We recommend that your extraction equipment is serviced every year, and more frequently if its usage is high. Wf offer maintenance contracts to accommodate all types of customer and offer maintenance contracts through a biannual or annual service. Our team can advise how frequent a system should be served and can advise on which service maintenance contract would best suit your business’ requirements.

Our maintenance contracts attract a discount on any replacement parts required and will benefit from a prioritised response from our engineering teams.

We are capable of undertaking any maintenance contracts, and/or necessary work on LEV equipment, irrespective whether it was supplied by us (Auto Extract Systems), or on any* other extraction equipment of a similar nature, irrespective of its origin. (*Subject to acceptance by Auto Extract Systems).

The legislation

The HSE state that: “To ensure your extraction system is performing to its design specification, the LEV user manual and logbook should set out the maintenance and any replacement parts. Maintenance checks should ensure that all moving parts are functioning correctly, there are no visible signs of damage, deterioration or parts that are in need of attention and you should ensure that relevant COSHH assessment for cleaning and maintenance are carried out.”

COSHH testing

Whilst our dedicated inspection engineers are on site to perform maintenance contract services, any outstanding COSHH testing assessments can be integrated with on-going maintenance contracts, to ensure that your extraction systems comply with the latest COSHH regulations. To read more about our COSHH testing services, please click here.

Emergency breakdown service

With a national coverage spans the length and breadth of the country, we offer an emergency breakdown service. Subject to the number of extraction equipment systems you have, we over this service at very competitive rates.

Get in touch

To set up a maintenance contract programme, to organise a one-off service, or to enquire about our emergency breakdown service for your local extraction ventilation (LEV) equipment, please click here.