Laboratory Fume Extraction

Auto Extract System Ltd can help specify, design and install a large range of laboratory fume extraction products to help suit your extraction system needs and requirements. As the UK’s leading laboratory extraction company and can provide bespoke extraction solutions to meet a client’s needs. We are able to design and install a wide range of systems ensuring your business and safety needs are met. Installing one of our solutions can counteract health risks by cleaning the atmosphere whilst keeping your business compliant with any health and safety laws. This can also lead to less sick days taken by staff as the health risks to them are being removed. To find out more about laboratory fume extraction products and how we can help you find the right local exhaust ventilation system for you and your business, head over to our blog.

Laboratory fume extraction is the removable of hazardous fumes, vapours and biological agents that are dangerous to an employee’s health. Most contaminants are invisible therefore making it hard to detect and asses the risks they present. Employees who are exposed to various toxins or other substances in excessive amounts can lead to respiratory problems or have an allergic reaction.

Respiratory safety engineering controls can improve safety and increase productivity for a wide variety of processes that are performed in laboratories. Auto Extract Systems Ltd can design and install solutions that offer negative and positive pressure fume extraction and air purification that can assist and may be required, in a wide selection of applications for laboratory fume control. Typical uses include chemical fume control, pharmaceutical powder containment, biological processes, sterile applications, tissue culture, titration processes, and a variety of additional applications that produce unwanted or hazardous fumes, dusts and vapours. Auto Extract Systems Ltd systems can be easily integrated with existing lab space and can be transported without difficulty if renovations are needed. To do this, we provide market leading equipment as shown below.