Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

Auto Extract Systems Ltd have a large range of emergency vehicle exhaust extraction products and can tailor a system to suit your needs and requirements. Whether your system is for a static vehicle exhaust extraction system or a more complex system where there’s the need for extraction down the bay, we have a solution for you.

Extraction systems for Emergency vehicles are designed to prevent firemen and associated staff from breathing in harmful gases and specks of dust in a working environment that vehicle engines emit.  These systems are different to typical workshop type systems as they allow the vehicle drive off whilst connected to the exhaust.  We offer three different types of systems for varying emergency vehicles for automatic disconnect applications which can be tailored to suit high and low-level exhausts. ‘At-source capture’ is the only feasible method to eliminate all diesel exhaust emissions from the Fire Station and we can provide virtually 100% effective capture as required by the latest HSE guidance.

One of the common solutions we can provide include a sliding rail extraction system that is normally used in long bays, where single points are not functional or practical, but extraction is required throughout the building without the requirement to disconnect and connect again in a different area. Read our emergency vehicle exhaust extraction system case study now, simply click here.

All our solutions do not require that the same vehicle is parked in the same bay every time, we cater for all vehicles which may be parked within any bay. Auto Extract Systems Ltd’s emergency vehicle exhaust extraction products are as follows: