Dust Extraction

Auto Extract Systems Ltd can help solve all your dust extraction problems with a comprehensive local exhaust ventilation (LEV) system. Air-borne particles (such as specks of dust) can be found in various ways in the workplace and are dangerous to an employee’s health and well-being. Having the appropriate dust extraction equipment installed to remove air-borne contaminants from the working area will significantly reduce an employee’s exposure to any hazardous substances and subsequently; lower the risk of any short or long-term illnesses. Dust extraction systems filter the air to safely capture and remove any air-borne particles, leaving the air clean and breathable. Dust extraction and collection systems work on the basic formula of capture, convey and collect.

Capturing the dust is achieved with equipment such as capture hoods at-source of origin. Many machines have capture-ports where ducting can be directly connected. Conveying captured air-borne particles is achieved by a correctly sized and manifold ducting system that’s capable of maintaining a consistent minimum air velocity that can keep the dust in suspension for conveyance to the collection device. Finally, the dust is collected through a variety of means (depending on the application) and handled appropriately.

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Industries Served

  • Wood dust, shavings and chippings
  • Grinding dust
  • Shot-blasting
  • Industrial dust and fume
  • Pharmaceutical dust
  • Paper dust
  • Food manufacturing
  • Bakery dust
  • Stonemasonry dust
  • Vehicle body shop dust
  • Buffing, finishing and polishing dust
  • Airline refinishing and cleaning