Occupational Asthma: Do you Complete Health Surveillance Assessments?

HSE conducted a series of telephone interviews to assess what percentage of companies carry out health surveillance assessments. From the research, HSE found that from 457 organisations that participated in the research, 67% reported they actively carried out health surveillance assessments. Furthermore, of those organisations which declared processes that involve exposure to asthmagens only 19% carried out some form of health surveillance. 

In their report, HSE published their qualitative and quantitive research into occupational asthma health surveillance in three core industries: woodworking; baking; and motor vehicle repair. Exposure to workplace dust should be prevented or, where not reasonably practicable, adequately controlled to reduce workers’ exposure to asthmagens (agents causing occupational asthma). Occupational asthma is a preventable respiratory disease that can be can be prevented by using good control measures, such as local exhaust ventilation (LEV). Find out more about the report, ‘RR1139 – Uptake and quality of health surveillance for occupational asthma in the woodworking, baking and motor vehicle repair sectors’, please click here.

This report follows on from HSE’s ‘dustbuster’ campaign in 2019, where the businesses reduce dust in the workplace. The aim of the campaign was to create awareness of the life-threatening health risks dust can have on workers. To read more about the dustbuster campaign, please click here.


Health surveillance enables risks to health to be detected and for the notifications of any actions (that may arise as a result) to be put into practice. Regular health surveillance assessments are legally required when there’s a reasonable likelihood that workers’ health may be affected by their work. These ensure that the correct procedures and processes are in put in place to provide a safe working environment.


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