Auto Extract Systems Help Staff at Dynacast Keep Their Cool

Auto Extract Systems have recently completed a bespoke and industry innovating ‘wrap-around’ installation project for a Powys-based manufacturer, Dynacast, to help keep their staff cool whilst working on 500oC metal die-casting machines.

The problem was simple, Dynacast needed to improve their air quality and manage temperatures on the factory’s shop floor. Having previously had ineffective roof fans installed, the factory was regularly exceeding temperatures of over 40oC. Auto Extract Systems were called to perform a free site-visit to make their recommendations on how to best address the ‘clammy’ situation.

Upon completing site inspection and assess the client’s needs, Auto Extract Systems identified that the factory was retaining heat that was sitting in a band just below the roofline. To address this, the solution was proposed to install a bespoke wrap-around extraction ducting system with vents every 3m, thus capturing the hot air that had risen and extracted it away and out of the factory through an 18Kw fan. In addition, two supplementary systems were added with five spigot points (that were located over each die-cast machine) to draw the hot air away (direct from the heat’s source) before rising. Each system is made up of 120m of ducting that is connected to two 18Kw fans.

The bespoke wrap-around system was put to the test on a hot day when temperatures in the 6750m3 factory exceeded 30oC. Upon being switched on, the hot air in the factory was immediately drawn away (from the machines) and out of the building; reducing the temperature to below 20oC within minutes’.

Dynacast is a global manufacturer of engineered metal components and utilises proprietary die-cast technologies to offer clients robust solutions for the automotive, consumer electronics, and healthcare industries. The high-intensity manufacturing process enables products to be produced in as little as 20 seconds.

Maintenance manager, Andy Beddoe, complimented the extraction system’s efficiencies stating: “We’re very impressed with the extraction system Auto Extract Systems have installed. On the occasion where the factory has reached temperatures above 30oC, you can instantly feel the heat being drawn out the building and off your skin.”

Dynacast has since had Auto Extract Systems back to replicate the innovating ‘wrap-around’ system in another of their factories (located on the same site) to maintain temperatures within the HSE’s Workplace Regulations (1992) of below 30°C (or 27°C for those engaged in physically demanding work) for optimum working conditions.

To find out more about the bespoke extraction systems Auto Extract Systems can offer (including wrap-around systems) please call us for a no-obligation discussion on 01942 267444 or contact us via email. Additionally, you can keep in touch with us on our social media channels; FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for regular updates.

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