In this blog, we’ve looked into how employers can protect staff working in bodywork spray workshops, the risks to health and the impact it can have on your business.


Spray Paint – What is it?

The HSE defines products such as paints, thinners and glues as solvents, or VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Tasks such as spraying, for example in bodywork spray workshops, can generate very high exposures levels.


Bodywork Spray Workshop Legal Case

Early in 2020, the HSE found a car retailer liable for failing to put the adequate control measures in place after a car bodywork sprayer developed occupational asthma. The HSE fined the company £120,000 and ordered them to pay costs of £2,657.55 (totalling £122,657.55). Read the full article here.

After the hearing, the HSE inspector commented: “Controlling employee exposure to hazardous substances is a legal requirement” and; “Appropriate controls could include use of a spray booth to carry out the paint spraying.”


Control Measures

The HSE recommend that local exhaust ventilation (LEV) is put in place to help capture solvent fumes and overspray to help clean the air. Extracted air should be discharged to a safe place. Read the HSE’s latest spray room/booth guidance here.


Health Risks Associated with Bodywork Spray Workshops

Solvents can penetrate the body when vapours and fumes are inhaled, whilst in contact with your skin, or; through solvent-contaminated workwear. Solvents can have several short-term health risks that include, irritation of eyes, lungs, skin and headaches, whilst long-term health risks can include; dermatitis and occupational asthma. You can read more about the dangers of solvents here


Bodywork Spray Workshops Solutions

At Auto Extract Systems Ltd, we offer a wide range of LEV solutions, which can include dry back spray booths and extraction chambers. These solution methods can be specified in various sizes to meet your business’s exact requirements. Dry back spray booths or extraction chambers are ideal for bodywork spray workshops as consist of baffles that are capable of collecting 80-90% of dry overspray dust, thus leaving behind a pollution-free workplace. 

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